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Corradi Louvered Roof

Corradi’s louvered roof pergolas are aluminum outdoor structures equipped with adjustable blades that can be rotated by remote control. The rotation of the blades creates an environment that is particularly comfortable in all seasons, as by changing their angle you can control the sunlight and the degree of natural ventilation in the environment below, thereby adjusting the temperature. This creates a custom microclimate to meet your needs, while with the blades fully closed the space below is protected from the weather. Corradi has combined this great practicality with its unmistakable sense of design and cutting-edge technical solutions, creating an elegant mix of functionality and style.
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Solara Adjustable Patio Cover

Solara Adjustable Patio Covers – The “Smart” Shading System – Both a Patio Cover and a Pergola at the Same Time!

Solara is the only company that offers 2 types of louvered roof systems. An affordable light weight advanced engineering roll forming louvered roof system and a high end commercial heavy duty extruded one.


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