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Happy House is excited to launch our new product line called Renaissance!


WHAT WE DO | Create your VIP experience with Renaissance

Moderno Patio Roofing and the more traditionally styled Classico Patio Roof have insulated aluminum roof panels that generate deep, cooling shade and completely shed rain.
The Fresco Patio Cover provides rain protection but keeps your patio bright. Its frame looks like a gazebo, but translucent triple-layer polycarbonate panels fill the spaces between trusses. They let in 70% of sunlight but filter out 99% of UV rays. Standing seams virtually eliminate the possibility of leaks. It’s made to commercial strength, so it even works outside restaurants.
An Aria Shade Trellis combines its pattern of 40 percent shade and overhead ventilation to cool a patio and the people on it. Renaissance aluminum pergolas have traditional appeal but are maintenance-free modern.

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Flexibility of light and weather control for any outdoor living area

Indulge in the height of sophistication, the freedom of outdoor entertaining and relaxing in style on your schedule. The Renaissance is an innovative patio cover that transforms your day and view of the world.

Moderno Patio Roofing


Clean Lines, Modern Design, and major step up from the plain old patio roof gives your home a high end look and feel without the high end price tag.

Contempo Patio Cover


Decorative framed look, aluminum simplicity and a price you will love, means your patio can be both beautiful, and practical. Taking our Moderno Patio Roof, and adding decorative aluminum truss ends provides that extra touch that most patios are missing, and at the same price point as the “Aluminum – Wood” type products.

Classico Patio Roofing


The Classico is an uncompromising take on the traditional wood framed patio roof, with a full truss framing system that not only strengthens the structure, but gives it a flawlessly high-end look.

Fresco Patio Covers


Keeping your patio light, bright, airy, AND dry is now possible, thanks to the Fresco Patio Cover. Incorporating a decorative translucent pearl, polycarbonate roofing system means your patio can have 70% of the suns light pass right through, while keeping out the rain and reducing heat transfer into the space by up to 30%.

Attractive Patio Covers that Last


  • Our patio roofing, elegant pergolas and gazebos, and insect-proof screen rooms are engineered to withstand up to 175 mph winds. They’re strong enough to be built anywhere in Florida. Screws and anchors are corrosion-fighting stainless steel.
  • Lasting beauty. The precise fit that makes our structures strong also makes them attractive. The styling is tasteful, not faddish, so it will look fresh for years. And the no-maintenance powder coat resists cracking, blistering, peeling and chalking.
    Full or Partial Shade


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Patio Cover Attached to Modern Home If you would like to create a comfortable outdoor space with full or partial shade, full waterproofing, and insulation, the Renaissance line of Patio Covers has an option to suit nearly any home and budget.